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Small Business Invoice Design/Creation/Customization and or Distribution

Invoice Creation/Design/Customization/Distribution

For Small Business Owners / Independent Contractors who do not use any Accounting Software

If you require a service request for the preparation of an invoice for a product/service that you or your company offers I can create, design and/or customize an existing invoice tailored to your preference.

The basic invoice content will include, but will not be limited to the following information that you will provide upon initiation of the request for the service: your company logo and business name, customer billing information, detailed or brief description of product/service information, cost and quantity of product/service information, tax applicable to your jurisdiction (if required), payment information, as well as your choice of invoice design. I may create a sample of three invoices for you to choose from based on a combination of the nature of your business, the colour scheme of your company’s logo, or using an already existing sample.

The invoice will be made available for download in a pdf format unless stated otherwise.

You will have the option of a onetime service request which will include both an “excel document” (which you can edit thereafter, to reflect any ongoing changes which you will do yourself if you so desire), as well as a “pdf document” for that individual invoice. In the event,  you require any additional tutorial on how you can convert the “excel invoice” into a “pdf format” yourself, if you do not already know how to do so once you have made adjustments for future uses, an additional charge will apply.

You may also request my services for hire on a monthly basis, wherein you require multiple invoices to be prepared for multiple clients/customers. The cost for hire on a monthly basis can be negotiated upon your request for the service for the option which best suits your preference, which will depend on two (2) factors:

(1) the number of clients/customers you require to be invoiced and;

(2) if the you need me to email those invoices to your clients on your behalf.